Video Guide

We created an hour long documentation video detailing how to customize the art assets and build new levels in the kit. Other than that, there's nothing you need to know about the game engine code itself.

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The App

Before Commander Cool was an iOS starter kit, it was a hugely popular app. Now that they've turned their game engine into a game template, you can play the original game for free in the App Store.

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Where to Buy?

From CartoonSmart of course. You can re-download past purchases anytime and we'll send you an email anytime there's an update to the Kit. Plus if you subscribe to our once-a-month newsletter you'll get a discount off your first purchase.

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Important Update

May 1, 2014. The Commander Cool Kit has been a fantastic product for many years now, enabling many developers to create their own side scrollers. Unfortunately it has also gone years without a major update. We have been selling the kit on behalf of the original authors, two extremely talented developers, that first created the Commander Cool app, then decided to sell the source code as a starter kit. Since we didn't create it in-house though, our role has simply been to maintain a version we can sell. We have kept it compatible with every new version of Xcode, and most recently iOS7, but without the nitty gritty know-how to make changes to the core engine, patching it up has been all we could do.

With that said, we are encouraging people interested in a side-scroller to check out the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit developed by CartoonSmart, using Sprite Kit and integrated with Tiled. This new kit does everything Commander Cool did and much, much more (and you only need to use one Tiled file for both the iPad and iPhone).

So where's that leave Commander Cool? Well if you absolutely need a kit that still supports the iPad 1 (which can't upgrade to iOS7 and use Sprite Kit), then the Commander is still Cool for you.

Okay, that's cool.

The dude can stare down a tank.

The Commander Cool iOS Starter Kit let's you create your own 8 Bit style retro platformer game. Actually, 8-bit is just one of many styles you can choose. Import any art you want to use with this platform engine. Level maps are all created through Tiled, a free map editor. Once you've created a new map, simply update the filename in the Property List for the app. Build and play. It's that simple.

This starter kit includes the complete source code of Commander Cool for iPhone / iPad / Mac built with Cocos2d & Box2d, extensive code documentation and video documentation (accessible online or offline).

The code is 100% compatible with the latest version of Xcode 5.1 and has been updated for iOS 7 and the iPhone 5 (tested March 18, 2014). The Xcode project builds successfully on the new iPhone 5, iPad 3, the 7.0 Simulator and Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8

And this is cool too.

Build your levels with Tiled.

Almost ALL the customization of the game can be done in the free Tiled map editor. You'll work in this amazingly simple map editing program to save new .tmx files for each level you want to add to the game. Don't want to fool with code? You don't have to!

The documentation videos guide you through creating a new map from scratch.

Features List

The Basics

  • The Code is 100% compatible with the latest version of Xcode 5.1 and has been updated for iOS 7.
  • Built for iOS or Mac apps. The Xcode project builds for iOS 7 (including the new iPhone 5, iPad 3, mini) and Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8
  • Uses Cocos2d. An amazing open source game engine.
  • Uses Box2D. An advanced physics engine for realistic collisions.
  • Game Center Support for Achievements and Leaderboards.
  • Full Source. All the code is yours to modify.
  • Facebook integration. Share on Facebook buttons included.
  • Twitter integration. Share on Twitter buttons included.
  • Game analysis with Playtomic.
  • iRate integration
  • One hour of video documentation. Watch how to setup new maps with CartoonSmart instructor, Justin Dike.

Media Assets

  • Sprites, Spritesheets, Backgrounds, Buttons for iPhone / iPhone Retina & iPad / iPad Retina & Mac.
  • Tiled Map Editor Files. The kit includes 6 example levels (and the video documents how to create a new one).
  • Particles
  • Sounds
  • Background music
  • Fonts
  • Zwoptex Files, ParticleDesigner Files, GlyphDesigner Files. Some optional resource files if you want to modify these existing assets.
  • Raw Resources folder containing every animation sprite as a single image in normal, HD and iPad-HD sizes.

You are free to use all source code contained in the ‘CommanderCool‘ folder for your own private and/or commercial use. Artwork (not listed above), music tracks, sound effects included in this package will remain the copyright Janzen & Strauß. Email the original author's for any questions regarding using those assets.

The project contains sprites/tilemaps which are available for free but maybe be governed by different licenses.

Player/Enemies Sprites by The_Protagonist & Allen
Map Tilesets by Pixel Pusher
Icons / Items by GfxLib-Fuzed Bundle

Class Types

  • Player.
  • Enemies. Three different enemies with varying difficulty, includes tanks!
  • Collision Objects. The basic building block of your level (like platforms to stand on).
  • Movable Objects. These are objects the player can push around.
  • Drinks/Potions to restore health.
  • Coins. Silver, gold, or anything that your player might want to search for on a level.
  • Bullets / Lasers. Avoid the lasers, they are quite deadly.
  • Teleporter/Beamer. Jump to different sections of the map when entering the teleporter.
  • Checkpoints. Use checkpoints as starting locations.
  • Land Mines. With varying degrees of health damage.
  • Special Level Objects. Diamonds are a Commander's best friend.
  • Object Properties include easy-to-set values like: damage, health restoration, score, pickable, collideable, triggerScript, sound, etc.

Extra Scenes

  • Intro scene. The opening graphics of your app.
  • Start scene. Optional graphics before the gameplay.
  • About scene with a WebView for "about" text.
  • Settings scene for turning sound and music on or off.
  • Level selection scene generated from a plist
  • Game over scene.

Video Documentation

You can watch the entire documentation video online (or offline if you download the videos after your purchase).

Extra tutorial taught by Alex Olsen, a freelance pixel artist.

The Personal License. Suitable for most people in command.

Only $100.00. You can create an unlimited number of free or commercial apps using this kit. The apps can only be distributed through one Apple account. In other words, you cannot develop for someone else on a "for hire" or freelance basis using this kit with the Personal License.

The Developer License. For those truly cool and in command.

Your license to dev for only $350.00. You can create an unlimited number of free or commercial apps using this kit. The apps can be distributed through multiple Apple accounts. In other words, you CAN develop for someone else on a "for hire" or freelance basis using this kit with the Developer License.

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